Submission guideline 

for Video Audition 

* All videos and photo must be taken within the last 6 months, and high quality material for recognition of the contestants face. 

* Turn in to: online email application (

* Mail subject: [ADA-school] Picture, video - Jane Doe - YYMMDD (6 digits of date of birth)

  EX If date of birth is November 05th, 2007; [ADA-school] Picture, video - Your name - 071105

Video Regulations

Submit one video link containing below all three requirements.

  • Please turn in one video link that contains all of the three down below.
  • Barre – Plié / Tendu + Dégagé / Adagio /Battement
  • Center – Adagio, Pirouette, Small jumps, Grande jumps with movement across the floor
  • Barre+Center should not be over 15 minutes all together (free-form with above rules).
  • Classical piece outfit regulations performing costume and makeup are prohibited.

  N O T I C E  

  • Please send in with a video LINK. If not a video link, there are chances the video will be sent back.
  • Please create video link by Youtube, Vimeo, or Naver blog. 

Photo Regulations

One Headshot photo.

  • It should be pictures with a clean background. 
  • It must be an ID picture in recognition with the candidate (No Selfies).
  • Must be a photograph taken within the last 6 months.

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